About the Books


Character Bios

Alexander (Alex) Marsh

Powerful U.S. diplomat; wealthy widower; travels extensively; one daughter (Abby/Alexis)

Abigail Marsh

Wife of Alexander; died of cancer two years after giving birth to only daughter (Abby/Alexis)

Abigail (Abby) Alexis Marsh

Only daughter of Alex and Abigail Marsh; intelligent; speaks multiple languages; privileged; studies ancient martial arts; naïve; somewhat sheltered

Julia Chevalier

Alex Marsh’s housekeeper; Abby’s nanny

Ray Stevenson

Abby’s high school friend

Damon Shawnessey/Patrick O’Leary/Sean Sullivan/Robert Landry

Weapons specialist; government contractor and consultant


World-class computer hacker; recluse; art collector

Adélaïde (Addie) Molyneux

Artist; sculptor; proficient in creating false documents; friend of Damon

Thomas Nelson

Alex Marsh’s friend and attorney

Michael Albritton

Junior attorney at Nelson, Albritton, Canty, and Dubois